In Kyoto, the ancient city of scenic beauty, traditional culture has been passed down in the city's long history and beautiful nature, and lives on in Kyoto's multilayered spiritual culture. At the same time, Kyoto's progressive spirit of adopting new things and fusing them with the old has been perpetuated, and the art of manufacturing, from traditional industries to high-tech industries, has been lengthy polished. These local resources and wisdom such as "craftsmanship", "science and technology", "contents", "design", and "food culture" now inspire people worldwide, and are building a world-class "Kyoto brand".

In order to utilize these assets as the driving force of the Kyoto industry development, the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry has established the "Kyoto Creative Industry", a selection of local industries and academic experts that make the most of individuals' creativity to promote new cultural value and provide high-value-added goods and services.

The Kyoto Creative Industry aimed at spreading widely the high-skilled craftmanship, technology, goods and services of its members, both in Japan and abroad, and promotes collaboration and the creation of new value in the creative industry fields, in order to nurture new business models that benefit to customers worldwide and strengthen Kyoto's industry legacy.

Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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